Welcome at Hotel Waldstätterhof Lucerne!
Welcome at Hotel Waldstätterhof Lucerne!
Welcome at Hotel Waldstätterhof Lucerne!
Welcome at Hotel Waldstätterhof Lucerne!

History of Hotel Waldstätterhof

The Waldstätterhof in Lucerne is steeped in history. The distinctive building with its striking façade was erected in 1898 and is a designated heritage asset. That doesn’t mean going without your modern comforts – after all, the hotel has been undergoing a gradual process of renovation since 2004.

The Architectural Timeline:

The Waldstätterhof was built to the plans of the most successful hotel architect at the turn of the century, Lucerne-born Emil Vogt (*1863 - 1936). Vogt was also responsible for the Monopol and the Gütsch, amongst others. At the request of his client, Heinrich Endemann, the hotel was built in the Renaissance Revival style and featured a hard, dark red Vosgean sandstone to differentiate it from the nearby Hotel Monopol, which was already in existence.

Opening of the extension on Zentralstrasse.

Purchase of the hotel by the Schweizerischer Gemeinnütziger Frauenverein (SGF), a not-for-profit women’s organisation.  

The Waldstätterhof joins the local teetotal foundation, Alkoholfreie Betriebe Sektion Stadt Luzern.

The roof structure is refurbished and enlarged to make room for the laundry. 

Aimed at presenting a modern, more streamlined silhouette in keeping with the times, the large and small blind gables are removed. 

The Hotel Waldstätterhof is made a designated heritage asset complete with its murals. 

Numerous renovations to the reception rooms, guest rooms and bathrooms. The façade and roof are renovated and returned to their original appearance. The pyramidal roof and blind gables are reinstated, while the 4th and 5th floor façades receive their murals and stucco work. 

31 December 2002: after 25 years at the Waldstätterhof, Mr. and Mrs. Dalhoeven hand over the managerial reins to Patric and Susanne Graber-Ulrich.

Further renovations take place: renewal of the restaurant and lobby, as well as of some rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. 2008 sees the installation of a new heating system. 

New building work on Zentralstrasse: a lounge is added, as are the “Parterre” meeting room, 16 business double rooms, two business junior suites and four business suites.

Since 2011
The kitchen has been renovated, as have the first-floor meeting rooms and various rooms on all the floors.


Hotel Waldstätterhof

Zentralstrasse 4
CH-6003 Luzern
Telephone +41 41 227 12 71

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